Robotis ....

CycloidII (23 DX-117 module)
Walk forward, turn to the side and move side ways. mpeg 8.0Mb
CycloidII doing various attacking martial arts moves mpeg 3.0Mb
Complete Demo sequence, includes; Hand Stand, Clapping, etc. mpeg 11.0Mb
Stand Up, walk forward then turn around .... mpeg 3.6Mb
Endurance test - Jump Drop
The sequence of dropping to the ground then standing back up was repeated 200 times with no damage to the robot.
mpeg 4.7Mb
CycloidII (23 DX-117 modules) vs CycloidIII (19 DX-113 modules)
CycloidII vs CycloidIII in a RoboOne style contest. mpeg 14.7Mb
Humanoid made with Dynamixel modules
See this humanoid do martial art moves then drive away. mpeg 6.8Mb
DX-116 Synchronisation Demo
Module Synchronisation
This mpeg shows 2 DX-116 connected by a 0.5mm pencil lead, the synchronisation between the 2 is that good that the lead is not broken.
mpeg 5.7Mb
Bioloid Kit
19 DOF Humanoid
Stationary video showing a bow in response to object detected by AX-S1 then counting and repeating the number of 'claps' heard. mov 1.7Mb
Stationary video showing various arm & body movements. mov 0.9Mb
Probably best described as a dance sequence (hip-hop?) mov 1.7Mb
Bioloid 19DOF humanoid executing test program, programmed in Behaviour Control Program - tests motion of each AX-12 (ID1-ID19) whilst playing the musical scales with AX-S1's piezo sounder. mov 1.7Mb
17 DOF Humanoid
Squat, walk forward, hand stand and then lie down (face first) . mov 1.5Mb
14 DOF Robot Dog
Robot Dog responds to clap, stands, walks away and performs various motions (sit, turn, cock leg) and then finishes with a hand stand.
mov 1.7Mb
Dancing hand stand followed by a sit, shake hands and then fall asleep. mov 1.7Mb
3 DOF Arm
Simple 3DOF Arm that 'chases' object detected by AX-S1. mov 1.1Mb
Another simple 3DOF Arm that 'chases' object detected by AX-S1. mov 0.6Mb
Other Animals ....
6-legged 'Spider' (built without instructions by Korean elementery students). mov 1.3Mb
Dinosaur mov 1.7Mb