Humanoid Robots


CycloidII Humanoid (23 DX-117 module)
Walk forward, turn to the side and move side ways. mpeg 8.0Mb
CycloidII doing various attacking martial arts moves mpeg 3.0Mb
Complete Demo sequence, includes; Hand Stand, Clapping, etc. mpeg 11.0Mb
Stand Up, walk forward then turn around .... mpeg 3.6Mb
Endurance test - Jump Drop
The sequence of dropping to the ground then standing back up was repeated 200 times with no damage to the robot.
mpeg 4.7Mb
CycloidII (23 DX-117 modules) vs CycloidIII (19 DX-113 modules)
CycloidII vs CycloidIII in a RoboOne style contest. mpeg 14.7Mb
Humanoid made with Dynamixel modules
See this humanoid do martial art moves then drive away. mpeg 6.8Mb
Bioloid (made from Bioloid Kit)
19 DOF Humanoid
Stationary video showing a bow in response to object detected by AX-S1 then counting and repeating the number of 'claps' heard. mov 1.7Mb
Stationary video showing various arm & body movements. mov 0.9Mb
Probably best described as a dance sequence (hip-hop?) mov 1.7Mb
Bioloid 19DOF humanoid executing test program, programmed in Behaviour Control Program - tests motion of each AX-12 (ID1-ID19) whilst playing the musical scales with AX-S1's piezo sounder. mov 1.7Mb
17 DOF Humanoid
Squat, walk forward, hand stand and then lie down (face first) . mov 1.5Mb


MGR-201 Humanoid
1. Walking (mpeg 4.8Mb)
2. Push-ups (mpeg 3.2Mb)
3. Somersault (mpeg 2.6Mb)


KHR-1 Humanoid
1. Walking mpeg 0.7Mb
2. Pushups mpeg 2.0Mb
3. Somersault mpeg 1.5Mb
4. Backflip mpeg 1.5Mb
5. Cartwheel mpeg 2.10b