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Hazardous Application Robots .....

Yujin manufacture a range of Robots capable of working in Hazardous environments. These robots include the DT3, possible applications for this robot include:

RobHaz DT-3 with Remote Control Station
  • Academic Urban Search and Rescue contests, such as RoboCup. See here for more information on a DT-3 used in such a contest.
  • Military: Scouting, detection of mines, detection or exclusion of an explosive, chemical or radiological warfare. (planned for use by South Korean military in Iraq - 11/05/2004 Yonhapnews)
  • Civilian: exclusion of an explosive, intruder detection, etc.

The RobHaz DT-3 is a remotely controlled robot capable of operating in Hazardous environments. This sales brochure details the DT3's specifications.

The DT-3's unique design allows it to climb stairs with a full payload. An optional Pan-Tilt camera may be mounted on the DT-3, the image will then be wirelessly transmitted to the remote Control Station.

The DT-3 shown to the right is fitted out for Urban Search and Rescue and has the following options fitted:

  • Rear View Camera,
  • 2D Laser Scanner with Bluetooth communications module,
  • CO2 sensor
  • InfraRed Temp. sensor,
  • Extension Power module, and
  • 802.11a WLAN.

Urban Search and Rescue DT-3