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Bioloid Robotic Kit

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Bioloid Premium Kit(s) .... ONLY 3 at this price.

We have had some Bioloid Premium Upgrade kits in stock for some time .... so, we have decided to add the AX-12A's to this upgrade kit and offer it for sale as a Bioloid Premium Kit - the only difference between the 'kit' that is being offered here and the kit that is normally sold is that the AX-12A's are NOT pre-programmed with their ID's.

We simply wanted to sell our Bioloid Premium Upgrade kits and thought this was a good way to do it.

So, the Bioloid Premium Kit on offer for SALE consists of:
- 1 Bioloid Premium Upgrade kit, and
- 3 sets of AX-12A 6-packs (NB. all AX-12A's have their default firmware settings, ie. ID=1)

So if you are comfortable changing the ID's of the AX-12A's (it's pretty easy) then this might be a good way for you to grab a Bioloid Premium kit at a great price ....

Bioloid Premium Kit

Major Components:
18 AX-12A, 1 CM-510 (ATmega128 mcu), 1 Gyro, 1 DMS and 1 LiPo Rechargable Battery.

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$1240 $930

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