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AX-12A's .... 5 for the price of 4.

One of our customers URGENTLY needed some AX-12+'s - and the only way we could help out was to 'pinch' 6 AX-12's from a Bioloid Comprehensive Kit we had in stock. We normally don't do this, but we had to to help this customer deliver their classes. So, we have had to take new AX-12's from stock to make up a kit that we offered as a sale item.

After doing this we had 5 left over empty AX-12+ boxes with accessories (hinge bracket, bottom braket, cable, screws, etc.) ... so we added some NEW AX-12A's from a 6-pack - this gave us complete AX-12A modules to sell with all accessories, but these are in an AX-12+ box.

Because the AX-12A's are in an AX-12+ box we can't sell these at full price. So, we are selling 5 AX-12A's for the price of 4 .... only difference between a normal AX-12A and these is the box says they are AX-12+'s. ALL AX-12A's are brand new and still have their default firmware settings, ie. ID=1.

So if you are looking for some AX-12A's and are happy that they are in a different box then this might be a good way for you to grab some at a great price ....

5 x AX-12A's for the price of 4

Reduction Ratio: 1/254
Stall Torque: 15kg-cm (@12V 1.5A)
Speed: 59rpm (@12V)
360° Rotating mode

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$230 $160

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