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CycloidII - Humanoid Robot

The Motion Editor supplied with the Assembled CycloidII is shown in the figure to the right. This GUI allows the user to quickly create their own motion sequences, download these to the CycloidII and test them.

The Motion Editor allows the user to view the robot in 3D. The user is then able to turn the image of the robot to view at any angle.

As well as the Motion Editor another application, very similar to Windows HyperTerminal, is provided to allow the user to configure the Dynamixel modules. This involves using either a USB to RS485 or RS232 to RS485 converter.

The CM2 used onboard the CycloidII is based around the Atmel ATMega128 mcu. So it is also possible to write software using a compatible C compiler and download this directly to the CM2.

CycloidII Graphical Motion Editor
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