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CycloidII - Humanoid Robot
Camera mounted in CycloidII's head.

The CycloidII is now only available as an assembled humanoid, the following items are included in the package:

  • Humanoid Robot (23 x DX117's, 1 CM2 (with Bluetooth RFCOMM), complete frame set & machined nylon head and hands) with mounting stand.
  • Remote Control (Bluetooth).
  • Wireless Camera and USB receiver module.
  • Switch mode power supply.
  • 2 NiMh battery pack sets (1 for foot mount and 1 for shin mount) and Battery Charger.
  • Aluminum Flight Cases.
  • Graphics based Motion Editor and a Terminal based application to configure Dynamixel modules.
  • DX-113 Gripper module

DX-113 Gripper module
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