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CycloidIII - Humanoid Robot

The CycloidIII can now be purchased only as an assembled humanoid, the following items are included:

  • Humanoid Robot (19 x DX113's, 1 CM2 (with Bluetooth RFCOMM) & complete frame set) with mounting stand.
  • Remote Control (Bluetooth).
  • Switch mode power supply, NiMh battery pack set and Battery Charger.
  • Aluminum Flight Case.
  • Graphics based Motion Editor and a Terminal based application to configure Dynamixel modules.

The Motion Editor supplied with the Assembled CycloidII is shown in the figure to the right. This GUI allows the user to quickly create their own motion sequences, download these to the CycloidII and test them.

The CM2 is based around the Atmel ATMega128 mcu. So it is also possible to write software using a compatible C compiler and download this directly to the CM2.

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