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CycloidIII - Humanoid Robot
The CycloidIII is the little brother of the CycloidII. This too is a superbly designed Humanoid Robot.The CycloidIII has 19 DOF's provided by DX-113 modules compared to 23 DOF's provided by DX-117 modules used on the CycloidII. Therefore, the CycloidIII has 4 less DOF's and less torque per module - this has been done to make this Humanoid more affordable and is targeted for either research projects, professionals interested in humanoid robotics and hobbyists.

The CycloidIII is based around the Dynamixel modules. As each Dynamixel module has its own mcu, there are a total of 20 mcu's within the CycloidII. The control module used by the CycloidII is the CM2, which is based around the 8bit Atmel ATMega128 mcu.

  • Height: 370mm
  • Weight: 2.0kg
  • Degree's of Freedom: 19
  • Actuator Type: DX-113
  • Control module: CM2
  • Wireless Comms: Bluetooth (RFCOMM)

The CycloidII is powered by a 14.4V supply, i.e. 2 7.2V battery packs. These battery packs are mounted on the shins (these are AAA batteries).

User Manual can be downloaded from here ....

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