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Dynamixel module series ....

Serial Communication

The Dynamixel series of modules differ from conventional Digital Servo's in that they communicate to the host controller via either an RS485 (DX, RX & EX) or TTL (AX-MX) Half Duplex serial communication network. Each Dynamixel module has its own onboard mcu, this looks after the serial communication network BUT also allows for applications to use distributed control techniques.

An advantage of using a serial communication network is that the Dynamixel modules are capable of returning operational variables to the host controller. The operational parameters currently returned from the Dynamixel modules include shaft position, speed, load, temperature and input voltage.

Compliance - AX, DX, RX & EX modules

Parameters may be set within the Dynamixel module to control the motors compliance driving, which controls the degree of elastic force in the position control algorithm.

The Dynamixel controls compliance by setting the Margin and the Slope.

If used well Compliance can absorb the shocks. The above graph demonstrates the use of Compliance values (length of A, B, C & D) relative to Position Error and applied torque.

PID Control - MX modules

Parameters may be set within the Dynamixel module to set the Proportional, Intergral and Differential control parameters.

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