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The next generation Robotic Construction Kit ....

Q1. What is in the Bioloid Kit ?

Bioloid Kit Contents (detailed)
- a CM-5 mcu (Atmel ATMega128),
- 19 AX-12+ Serially controlled servo's,
- 1 AX-S1 Sensor module,
- Rechargeable battery pack (9.6V),
- 2 Programming Utilities (freeware), and
- an assortment of frames, nuts & bolts.
Q2. What can I build with the Bioloid Kit ?
A number of the robots you can build are shown below BUT there are many more.
Humanoid Dinosaur Dog Excavator
Q3. How can I program my robots ?
There are 3 ways you can make your robots come to life, these are:

All these software packages are FREEWARE, yes unlimited installs in PC Labs.
Q4. How much ? USD: $895 (Aust customers need to add 10% GST)
Q5. When is it available ? Now - Buy it now from here !!!!
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