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Bioloid - Robotic Construction Kit
Behaviour Control Program
The Behaviour Control Program is a very nice package, it is easy and intuitive to use.

A series of commands are entered that allow the programmer to interrogate ALL the functionality of the AX-12, AX-S1 and the CM-5 mcu module. The functionality accessible within the CM-5 includes playing motion sequences, external pushbuttons and the CM-5's timer.
The commands provided with the Behaviour Control Program include:
  • program control commands (START, END),
  • conditional branching commands (IF,ELSE IF,ELSE,CONT IF) with conditional operations (=, >, and > =, <, and < = =),
  • program sequencing commands (JUMP & CALL/RETURN),
  • numeric commands (COMPUTE), and
  • assignment commands (LOAD).

NB. command lines can be given meaningful names of LABELS.

Another feature of the Behaviour Control Program is the debugging function which allows variables to be displayed on the PC's screen whilst the program is executing - making it very easy to calibrate AX-S1 sensors.

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