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Bioloid - Robotic Construction Kit
There are two software utilities that come with the Bioloid kit, these are:
  1. Motion Editor - a GUI that allows you to create motion sequences for your robot, &
  2. Behaviour Control Program - a GUI that allows you to program sequences of events/motions.

Using the Motion Editor in conjunction with the Behaviour Control Program allows the programmer to use the Motion Editor to generate the robots motion sequences and then use the Behaviour Control Program to implement the logic (or intelligence) of the robot.

Both of these utilities are Freeware

Educational Institutions can install the software on multiple PC's without infringing on licensing agreements.

Motion Editor
The Motion Editor is a package that allows the user to move the motors of a robot simply by INC or DEC the number that describes the motors current position.

The image to the left shows how motions are built up frame-by-frame - very similar to a story board in an animation sequence. This allows quite complicated"animations" to be quickly programmed and tested.
Once a motion has been defined it can then be downloaded into the CM-5's FLASH and called from the Behaviour Control Program.
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