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Bioloid - Robotic Construction Kit
The Diagram on the right shows the casing of both the AX-12 and AX-S1. You can see on this diagram that there are a number of mounting locations where M2 nuts can be slotted in and held in position. (There are 4 of these locations on each side, 2 at the bottom and these are repeated on the rear of the module). This clever design allows the many frames included in the Bioloid Kit to connect to the AX-12's and AX-S1's easily. Also, the rotating bush, i.e. the bushing mounted to the shaft, of the AX-12 also has 4 M2 Nuts that are held in place - this provides a 'thread' to make connection of frames easy as well.

AX-12 ( @ 10V)
The AX-12 has all the features of the Dynamixel series, the main features being:
  • Reduction Ratio: 1/254
  • Holding Torque: 16.5kg-cm (@ 10V)
  • Speed: 0.196sec/60° (@ 10V)
  • Serial Network (TTL) ( 7343bps ~ 1Mbps)
  • Feedback of Shaft Position, Temperature, Input & Load Voltage, &
  • Ability to specify the Compliance Driving Settings.
The AX-S1 is housed inside the same casing as the AX-12 BUT the AX-S1 doesn't contain a motor - it is simply a sensing module that can be placed on the same serial network. The AX-S1 consists of:
  • an IrDA receiver,
  • 3 IR reflection sensors (Left, Right & Front) that can be used to measure distance and luminosity,
  • a microphone, and
  • a piezo-electric sounder that can be used to play musical scales or simple a beeping sound.

AX-S1 Sensor module
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