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Bioloid - Robotic Construction Kit
The picture on the left shows the electronic building blocks of the Bioloid kit - from left-to-right they are the AX-12, the AX-S1 and a CM-5 module.

The CM-5 module is an Atmel ATMega128 based mcu module. The mcu's pcb is housed in a molded plastic enclosure, which also houses the rechargeable battery pack (9.6V).

The CM-5 interfaces to the "outside world" via a TTL Serial Network, the diagram below shows the 3-wire multi-dropped serial network.
This serial network is used to connect motors (AX-12) and sensors (AX-S1), each of which have different Network ID's programmed in their non-volatile memory.
The schematic on the rights shows how the 3-wire serial bus is implemented within the CM-5. A simple 74HC126 (Quad buffer/line driver; 3-state) is used to multiplex TxD and RxD data onto the DATA signal. (You'll notice an extra control signal is required from the mcu to control the direction of data on the DATA line). This allows a Half-Duplex multi-dropped serial network to be implemented with 3 wires.
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