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Bioloid - Robotic Construction Kit
The contents of the Bioloid kit is shown on the right, the main items included in this package are:
  • a CM-5 mcu (Atmel ATMega128),
  • 18 AX-12+ Serially controlled servo's,
  • 1 AX-S1 Sensor module,
  • Rechargeable battery pack (9.6V),
  • 2 Programming Utilities (freeware),
  • a Switch mode Power Supply,
  • Serial Cable (9pin D-type),
  • an assortment of frames (over 100),
  • wheels & tyres, and
  • spacers, bushings, nuts & bolts.
A full BOM for the Bioloid Kit can be found here. The frames are made from injection molded plastic and are superbly designed - they fit and connect perfectly to each other as well as to the AX-12's and AX-S1's supplied in the kit.

The picture on the left shows how easily the frames connect to the AX-12 and/or AX-S1 modules. The only tools you need to construct your robot are a screw driver and a set of small long nose pliers. The assembly instructions are also incredibly detailed - most importantly the orientation of the motor's shaft is explicitly shown where necessary, i.e. no trial & error.
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