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Bioloid STEM info ....

The newset Bioloid kit is known as the STEM Kit for it's ability to help teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics principles. With this relatively low cost kit future roboticists can build 7 types of robots ... all with full construction details in 2 detailed workbooks and sample code. The Extension Kit can then be added to the basic STEM kit to allow a further 9 robots to be constructed.

The STEM kits introduces the AX-12W Dynamixel, a Dynamixel that is primarily used as a motor - with a rotational speed ~8 times faster than the AX-12A.

Robots that can be made with Bioloid STEM Kit:

Bioloid STEM Kit Part List:

Robots that can be made with Bioloid STEM Kit & Expansion Kit:

Bioloid STEM Expansion Kit Part List:

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