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Detailed wCK1108 specifications ....

User Manual:
wCK Motor Tool:
v1.32 UserGuide
Stall Torque 8Kg·cm
Speed(at 9.5V) 0.15s/60°
Gear ratio 1/173
Gear material POM
Weight 45g
Size (see details) 51.6 x 27.1 x 36.4mm
Analog Inputs 1 (0~5V)
Digital Ouputs 2 (TTL)
Can be programmed to act with mcu YES - 8 sequence
Mechanical connection points 3
Electrical connection points 2
Polarised type connector Yes
Lock type connector Yes
Control signal Serial Data Packets
Baud rate 2400~921600bps
Controllable range 0°~ 333°
Inverse voltage protection Yes
Resolution selection function 2 levels (1.055° & 0.325°)
Overcurrent protection Yes
360° rotation function Yes
Position feedback function Yes
Current feedback function Yes
Power down mode Yes
Speed of the position control mode 30 levels
Speed of the Rotation mode 16 levels
Parameter setting function Yes
Auto gain tuning with voltage detection Yes
Bound Setting Function Yes
Synchronised Position Control Function Yes
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