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Megarobotics Product Range ....

As an introductory offer, the AI Module Evaluation kit based around the AI601, i.e. MGR-AI601EK, are currently available for $140.00. If you were to purchase the individual components this would normally cost $207.00. This offer is valid while we have remaining stocks of the AI601.
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Product Range

AI Module Series

  • MGR-AI701
  • MGR-AI1001


The AI modules are configured using the AI Motor Tool utility, more information on this utility may be found here.

AI Module Series Evaluation Kits

  • MGR-AI701EK

NB .Camera not included

Humanoid Robots

  • MGR-R201: Humanoid Robot (AI1001)
  • MGR-K201: Humanoid Robot Kit (AI1001)
  • MGR-R202: Humanoid Robot (AI701)
  • MGR-K202: Humanoid Robot Kit (AI701)

NB. Megarobotics now offer their Humanoids with either AI701's or AI1001's.

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Robot Dogs

  • MGR-R401: Robot Dog (AI701)
  • MGR-K401: Robot Dog Kit (AI701)

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MCU Boards

  • MGR-CA128 ATMEL 8-bit MCU Board

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Other Boards

  • MGR-BPT232 RS232 to TTL Converter

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  • MGR-K201: Humanoid Robot Brackets
  • MGR-K401: Robot Dog Brackets

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  • NiCd Rechargeable Batteries
  • Power Supplies
  • RS232 leads
  • etc.