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AI Module Series FAQ's ...

How are the AI Series modules configured?

The AI Motor Tool is a utility provided by Megarobotics to configure their AI modules and it may be downloaded from here ( select Megarobotics tab).

The AI Motor Tool software allows the user to send commands to connected AI modules. As well as being able to move a selected module in all 9 operational modes, the user is able to set and read the modules:

  1. Module ID (or Address),
  2. Baud Rate,
  3. Proportional and Differential gains,
  4. Positioning resolution mode,
  5. Current limit, and
  6. the maximum and minimum positioning angles.

Using the AI Motor Tool the user may also send a series of modules to preset positions and graphically track their response, either individually or to compare the response of multiple modules.

The ActionCon Screen is used to set the required position and this is then displayed on the Graph View Screen.

Screen 1: Single Setting Tab

Screen 2: ActionCon Tab

The diagram below shows an AI Motor moving from 0 to 220, this is the raw feedback from the potentiometer fitted to the shaft. You can see as the motor moves to position the current (brown) surges at the start and the end whilst motor speed (light green) accelerates, steadies out and then decelerates.

Using this tool it is possible to tune each modules Proportional and Integral gains.

Example Graph

Screen 3: Graph View Tab