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Detailed AI1001 specifications ....

User Manual:
AI Motor Tool:
v1.24 (then select Megarobotics tab & look in Software table)
Maximum Torque(at 9.5V) 10Kg·cm
Maximum Speed(at 9.5V) 60rpm
Gear ratio 1/241
Gear material Plastic & Metal
Bearing Metal
Weight 46g
Size (see details) 51.6 x 34.3 x 37.1mm
Mechanical connection points 2
Electrical connection points 2
Polarised type connector Yes
Lock type connector Yes
Control signal Serial Data Packets
Baud rate 2400~460800bps
Controllable range 0°~ 332°
Inverse voltage protection Yes
Resolution selection function 2 levels (1.30° & 0.65°)
Overcurrent protection Yes
360degree rotation function Yes
Position feedback function Yes
Current feedback function Yes
Power down mode Yes
Speed of the position control mode 5 levels
Speed of the Rotation mode 16 levels
Parameter setting function Yes
Auto gain tuning with voltage detection Yes
Bound Setting Function Yes
Synchronised Position Control Function Yes