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Megarobotics provide a range of products from for Robot enthusiasts to construct both wheeled and legged robots. The AI range of smart actuators forms the basis of all of Megarobotics product range. The AI series of modules are unique in that they can operate as a conventional servo motor and also as a rotating motor - simply by changing operating modes and there are no hardware modifications necessary.

AI701 Module
The AI module's provides the following functions:
  1. 31 AI series modules on a single serial channel,
  2. Position Control mode (5 speeds, 0 - 332 degrees),
  3. 360 degree Rotation mode (15 speeds),
  4. Act Down mode (for sequential movement learning),
  5. Programming of P and D gains for motor,
  6. Programmable Over-Current setting, and
  7. Sensor feedback for position and current.

Megarobotics AI modules are configured using the AI Motor Tool Utility, see here for more info.


The AI modules are used to construct both legged and wheeled robots. Each AI module comes with 11 interconnecting brackets to minimise the number of Aluminum frames necessary.

The AI modules also have an operational mode known as Act Down Mode. This mode takes all torque from the motor, this allows motion sequences to be captured and then replayed easily.