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Kaimax Product Range ....

Example Robot
"Mars Rover"

Kaimax produce the KAI Robot - a very versatile robotic package that is suitable for use by Universities, Primary & High Schools and Hobbyists.

Example Robot
"Mobile Crane"
KRC Control Module

The KRC Control Module is supplied with 5 input modules, 2 output modules, a Flow Chart based GUI programming language, and a serial cable. The Control module is based around the Atmel ATmega128 mcu - this can either be programmed via the Flow Chart based GUI provided or directly in C. More info ....

KRC Control Module kit contents

Tool Box and contents
Tool Box & Mechanical components

The motors & mechanical pieces required to build your robot come conveniently packaged in a high quality tool box. Included in the tool box are over 750 electrical & mechanical bits and pieces including DC motors, Servo motors, gears, pulleys, brackets, wheels, and much much more. More info ....