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KAI Robot Programming info ....

There are 2 methods which can be used to program the KAI Control (KRC) module, these are:

  1. Using the KAI Lab software provided with the KRC module. this is a Flow Chart based GUI programming environment suitable for young kids or beginners, or
  2. Any conventional method used to program the Atmel ATMega128 mcu. These include Assembly Language, BASIC and C. To use any of these methods it is up to the user to source the required development tools BUT we will list those which are freeware and that we have tested to ensure they work well, this list will be available soon. There are also Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS's) available for the ATMega128.

The ability to use the KAI Lab OR conventional mcu programming methods makes the KRC and ideal foundation on which to base a robotics program. It also allows hobbyists to start at a basic level using KAI Lab and then progress to the more conventional methods after they have mastered FLow Chart based programming.


The FLow Chart based GUI Programming environment provided with the KAI Robot Control (KRC) module is know as KAI Lab. KAI Lab runs on Windows based PC's and requires that the PC's COM1 or COM2 are available to download software to the KRC module.

KAI Lab features:

  • Program development using Flowcharts,
  • Ability to convert Flow Chart GUI program into C - ideal for learning or teaching C.
  • There is no restriction on the number of computer installations of KAI Lab, under the condition that KAI Lab is used only to program KRC's.